Car repair and service

Car repair in Tallinn is possible at Vesse 4 branch

Car repair service Rattad24 offers professional repair and maintenance. Our team has a professional education and necessary experience to provide quality service. The list of services includes: battery replacement, car service, control of chassis, engine repair, gearbox replacement / repair, air conditioning filling, air conditioning repair, welding and car diagnostics.

The listed services are carried out qualitatively by our trained technicians, the result of works is guaranteed.

Control of chassis is recommended to be done every 10,000 km. The chassis is out of order if: during driving you feel loose in steering wheel, the car is unsustainable, you hear an unusual noise or knock / rumble while driving, or if the car is unstable at high speeds.


  • Liquid metal - 6 euros (replaces metal when it dry, heat-resistant)
  • Sealant - 5 euros (replaces gaskets)
  • Engine cleaning - 6 euros (cleaning the engine of oil stains and dirt, which prolongs the life of the engine)
  • Oil additives - from 8 euros
  • Fuel additives - 4 euros

Cost of services

  • Repair of running gear - 30 euros / hour
  • Belts replacement - from. 100 euros
  • Electrodiagnostics - 30 euros, error removal - 10 euros
  • Welding works - 40 euros
  • Filling of the air conditioner and control - 60 euros

Engine Repair

  • Repair of diesel engine - from 35 euros / hour
  • Repair of gasoline engine - from 30 euros / hour
  • Oil change - from 10 euros

Additional services

  • Check of a running gear - 15 euros
  • Electric works - 45 euros
All prices include VAT!

NB! The presence of the client during the work is PROHIBITED! In case the customer wishes to be at the workshop, the Rattad24 has the right to add 10 euros to the cost of the hour work. Rattad24 is not responsible for the cars and personal belongings of customers left on the territory of the car repair shop.

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