Always available more than 4,500 sets of used tires and 1,500 different models of new tires.

How to choose the right winter and summer tyres?

Factors affecting tire choice:

Weather – is the first and most important factor. If the temperature drops below 7°C in winter, we recommend installing winter tires on your car. According to Estonian law, the use of winter tires is permitted from December to March. From October 15th to March 31st, studded tires are allowed. All-season tires can be used year-round. Please note that all-season tires are marked with the M+S or M&S symbol.

Your vehicle – we recommend using only tires with dimensions recommended by the car manufacturer (original equipment tires). Because it is these tires that fit your vehicle well.

Your budget –  regardless of the price range, all tires sold by Rattad24 comply with EU regulations. Through our online store, you can purchase new or used tires for your car. All tires are immediately available in stock!

New and used alloy wheels and forged wheels at the best price. Our experienced team will help with questions of matching the parameters of the wheels to your car, as well as help you to choose the best design for your car.

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