Oil change

Timely oil change prolongs life of the engine. In Rattad24 office we can make a service to your car including oil change!

The most important maintenance for a car is an oil change, that prolongs the life of the engine and other important parts of the car. Rattad24 recommends to change the oil according to the kilometer. In general, the oil is replaced on old diesel engines after 10,000 km of mileage, on new ones - after 15,000 km. In the case of petrol engines, we recommend to change the oil after every 15,000 km of mileage on old cars and up to 30,000 km on new ones.

Rattad24 offers its customers quality engine oils and filters. You can replace the oil in our car repair service at Vesse 4, Tallinn (Lasnamägi).

It is important to know that only a specific engine oil is suitable for each car. Using an unsuitable oil can lead, for example, to filter clogging and turbine malfunction. Together with the replacement of oil, it is necessary to replace the filter.

Tasks of engine oil

  • to increase the wear resistance of parts
  • to remove the excess heat between parts
  • to keep the motor parts clean

Conditions, in which oil must be replaced:

  • the engine is idling (for example, in traffic jams)
  • short trips (the engine does not reach the right temperature for winter driving)
  • driving at high speed
  • intensive acceleration
  • coolant leakage from engine compartment, coolant channel fault
  • penetration of exhaust gases into the crankcase

Rattad24 offers customers a free oil change if you purchase a filter in our car repair shop.

The cost of engine oil can be clarified with our staff member, the price depends on the customer's preferences.

Additional services:

  • brake fluid change
  • oil change on automatic transmission

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