Axle adjustment

Axle adjustment on Hunter 3D stand

Rattad24 make works on axle adjustment in accordance with modern technologies. We are making works on adjusting the front and rear axles, as well as repairing axles. Adjustment of the axles is recommended to be done after every 20-25 km.

We recommend you to adjust axles if::

  • there was a blow of a wheel
  • the wheel has been fallen in a pit
  • after making such a serious repair works as, for example, replacing the steering tip
  • the tire protector erases quickly and unevenly
  • on the road the car leads away

Axle adjustment provides::

  • reduction in fuel costs
  • more even wear of tires
  • reduced vehicle deflection on the road
  • better driving

Cost of services for axle adjustment:

  • car, front axle - 35 euros
  • car, rear axle - 25 euros
  • Car, both axles - 50 euros
  • SUV / commercial vehicle, front axle - 40 euros
  • SUV / commercial vehicle, rear axle - 30 euros
  • SUV / commercial vehicle, both axles - 60 euros
All prices include VAT!

NB!  The presence of the customer during the work is PROHIBITED! In case the customer wishes to be during the work, the Rattad24 has the right to add 10 euros to the cost of the hour work. Rattad24 is not responsible for cars and personal belongings of customers left on the territory of the car repair service.

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