Car polishing

Car polishing

Car polishing is one of the most effective procedures that helps vehicle to stay clean and well maintained. Polishing restores the original shine of the vehicle, which faded during use. It is also possible to polish the car's headlights. 

Polishing pros:

  • good vehicle's body appearance and age protection
  • removal of microcracks through powders and liquid polishes:
    • powdered polish - splits the old layer of varnish to remove microcracks
    • liquid polish or wax - protects the body color

Rattad24 does not recommend the use of powdered polishes for new cars.

Car Wax Coating

When the car is covered with wax, an invisible protective layer is formed on the car's surface. It protects the car from asphalt splashes, stones and other damages that can spoil the appearance of your car.

Rattad24 recommends waxing the car in the spring and autumn to protect the vehicle's body from damages by external factors - dirt, road salt, resin, insects, bird droppings, etc. In the summer the car is protected by wax from UV radiation and burnout.

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