Car diagnostics

Diagnostics is the control of the engine, gearbox, electronics and other important parts of the car. Through diagnostics is possible to find out faults of the car which can not be revealed during repair.

In Rattad24 you can diagnose all brands of cars regardless of their age. We recommend you to do the car diagnostics at least 2 times a year. For diagnostics we use only special modern equipment.

During the car diagnostics you can check::

  • engine
  • gearbox
  • electronics

In case of detecting the problem during the diagnostics, it is possible to eliminate it in our workshop.

Pros of diagnostics:

  • quickly errors finding
  • it is possible to monitor the operation of various sensors and the ignition system
  • to eliminate errors
  • to receive the full information on a condition of the car

Cost of services:

  • engine diagnostics - 39 euros
  • gearbox diagnosis - 39 euros
  • electronics diagnostics - 30 euros

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