Air conditioning repair and service

Regular filling of the air conditioner and replacement of air filters give positive results in the future. We recommend you to make the control and service of the air conditioner every two years. Delaying with air conditioner filling can lead to tangible costs in the future.

By air conditioner filling is important to know that refrigerant must be added in accordance with the factory parameters, which can be found under the hood or engine. Before air conditioner filling Rattad24 specialists have to ensure that there are no cracks in the system (it should be sealed) or damages in aluminum tubes.

In addition, Rattad24 offers repair of air conditioning equipment, which have cracks, or if the air conditioning pump is defective.

Service of the air conditioner includes:

  • oil change
  • elimination of moisture and other substances
  • vacuum test, leak test, system cleaning
  • filling with a new refrigerant

Pros of service of the conditioner:

  • elimination of unpleasant odor
  • elimination of moisture and other substances
  • treatment of allergies :)

Cost of services:

  • control of air conditioning equipment - 20 euros
  • filling the air conditioner - from 50 euros

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